A large deep dish pizza made in a cast iron frying pan.



the dough

IngredientMetricImperialBaker's Percentage
Flour 388 grams 13.7 oz 100.00%
175% hydration Preferment 601 grams 21.22 oz 154.90%
Salt 11 grams 0.39 oz 2.84%
Mozzarella Cheese 227 grams 8.00 oz 2.06%
Pizza Sauce 454 grams 16.00 oz 4.12%
Italian Sausage 454 grams 16.00 oz 4.12%
Pineapple Chunk 567 grams 20.00 oz 5.15%
Fresh Rosemary 10 grams 0.35 oz 2.58%
Olive Oil 20 grams 0.71 oz 5.15%
Parmesan Cheese 20 grams 0.71 oz 5.15%


Total Flour Weight: 388 grams

Percentages are relative to flour weight (flour equals 100%) and every other ingredient is a percentage of this. Flour from the starter is not counted.

The method: 

I start the preferemnet 24 hours before I want to make the dough.  Make 601 grams of preferment at 175% hydration.  The next day I add the flour and salt to the preferment.  This is placed in a covered bowl and allowed to proof.  When it has proofed long enough the dough is placed into the refridgerator to be used within a few days.  

The dough ball is placed in the middle of a 15" oiled cast iron frying pan.  I just then start flattening the dough out to the edge and up the sides of the frying pan.  I turn the oven on to 500°F when I start to make the pizza.  The oven is ready when I get the pizza all made up and ready to cook.


The bottom of the pizza is lined with 1/2 pound of Mozzarella Cheese.  The next layer is 1 pound of Italian Sausage.  The 20 oz of pineapple is drained and the chunks are placed in between the sausage.  The pizza sauce is poured all over the top so that it covers the pineapple and sausage.  I chop up some fresh Rosemary and sprinkle it all over the top the amount isn't measured.  Olive oil can be sprinkled over the top of this but is optional.  When I take the pizza from the oven I sprinkle some Parmesan Cheese on the top of it.  I cook the pizza for 45 minutes at 500°.  One slice of the pizza is very filling.  I think this is the best and easiest pizza I have ever made.  You can use what ever your favorite pizza ingredients are instead of what I used.  I keep forgetting to add a little corn meal into the dough but you can use this dough as a starting point.  The cast iron frying pan makes this all really easy to do.


The crust is nice and crispy and not limp.  You can pick up a slice and eat it.  You might like to use a knife and fork as eating it by hand is a little bit messy.