Oak Flat is an area North West of Paso Robles just a short distance from town.  There was a one room school in Oak Flat and there is still a road called Oak Flat.  My Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Francis Abbey Senior, homesteaded his ranch here and this is where he died.  During my studies of different types of fermentations the location of the fermentation can cause the end product to reflect the unique place from where it came.  I have been making sourdough bread for many years so I call my bread Oak Flat sourdough since the microbes that make the bread come from this area.  When I make wine I want the wine to reflect the terroir of Oak Flat from where the grapes were grown and the wine was made.  Terroir is a French word which I have heard doesn't have an easy English equivalent but again it is about the location.  The soil, water, and the climate all impact how the final product turns out.

Recently the Paso Robles AVA, American Viticulture Area, was divided into smaller parts.  Oak Flat is now part of the Adelaide AVA which I would never say that I live in Adelaide that is many miles to the west of me.  I live in Oak Flat and hope that people remember the area and that it doesn't get lost with time.

Early Jardine Ranch